Hamilton Counselling Center

Rob is now part of the team at Everwell Integrated Health Professionals in Hamilton.  This is an amazing group of health professionals working out of a beautiful, easily accessed central location right off Locke Street.  Come for counselling, stay for a massage after?  Sounds ok to me!  Check us out at:

Everwell Integrated Health Professionals

The Team at Everwell 

Information about Rob's Primary Modalities

ACT – Acceptance and Committment Therapy – 

The Work of Byron Katie  –

EMDR International – EMDRIA


​Counselling in Waterloo – Transformation Counselling (has a great team covering almost all needs.  If you can wait a bit – John Roche is an exceptional therapist!) –

Women’s Counseling in KW:  Stephanie Huls and Lauren Marshall

Children’s Therapy and EMDR  in Waterloo – Jan Yordy 

If you are lucky enough to live near Orangeville, I highly recommend Tracey Hand-Breckenridge at Cedar Creek Counselling