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Making Change is Hard – I know how to help

Addictions are one of the most difficult struggles any one of us will ever face.    The conditions that set the stage for addiction can be deep in our past, not just personally but genetically, and once we get stuck in a pattern of behaviour for a while, it can get truly hardwired – into our brains and bodies.

This is not just about having enough ‘willpower’  to kick a bad habit.  This is about changing automatic reflexes in the brain, learning new coping skills, and discovering the historical beliefs and experiences that set the stage for this to take hold.

With years of experience working in residential addiction treatment centers – I have seen and treated it all.  From severe opiate dependencies, alcoholism in a hundred different forms, to gambling and sexual compulsions,  and even video gaming – addictions can take hold of us in many ways, but also with very similar themes:

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m a bad person”

“I need this to feel good”

12- step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are absolute blessings for this world, and they can work really well for many people.  But I have seen that they are so generalized that without personal guidance and specific help to target individual problematic patterns, groups and meetings can be too slow, too frustrating, and too impersonal.  And frankly, there are just real limitations in what it seems to be able to do for a person.  I’m not interested in “white-knuckle” sobriety.  I help my clients to truly be empowered to make their own choices and really thrive in life.

I know what you get and what you don’t get in treatment centers, community programs and 12-step groups.  I am here to provide the individualized depth therapy, continue your maintenance in the period of transition, or to help you to avoid costly rehabilitation programs to begin with.

If you are willing to work hard, listen very honestly to your own answers, and have the courage to face some of the discomfort inside you, I am sure that we can help you get to a place where you have more choice and power in your life – permanently.


My clients are highly successful in their ability to gently let go of their addictions and to take back the lives that they truly want.

I am passionate about working in addictions because I see not only that it touches us all, but also that it is so neglected and so poorly treated in most places.


Let’s take the next step towards a life you find truly fulfilling!


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