Online Counselling

All of the therapists at Wise Path Counselling offer online counselling, via a secure connection in our trusted software partner, JaneApp.

For most people, online therapy sessions are just as useful as traditional in-person sessions (especially as our technology gets better!).

In many cases, due to issues of privacy, time constraints, distance or environmental challenges, virtual/ online sessions have huge benefits in accessibility.  For most sessions,  after we make sure our connection is good and we go through the obligatory “Can you hear me ok?”, a minute later you largely tend to forget that you are on video, and the session can be clear, powerful, and easy.

If you have an online session scheduled, you will automatically receive your video link with your reminder email that comes 24 hours before your session. If you don’t get an email, there is a problem so please contact your therapist!

For online sessions, you are responsible for having functional and up-to-date technology that will permit a smooth interface.   Please use a computer rather than a phone, consider a wired rather than wireless internet connection,  and please test your video and audio with the link a few minutes before the session starts, to make sure we can get started with ease.

Please note that for some clients, for various reasons, we may strongly ask you to attend in-person.  Though online sessions are perfectly suitable much of the time, nothing beats the attunement and emotional intimacy of being in the same room, and we are glad to be able to offer our beautiful office space in downtown Hamilton for these meetings.

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