Want to Join?

Want to join one of the most respected group of therapists in Hamilton?



If you like the vibe of what you are seeing at Wise Path Counselling, and you think you would fit in with our little family, I’m interested to hear from you!

Although we intend to keep our group small and selective, I’m always open to considering someone that could be a terrific fit. If you are a MSW, RP, or RP(Q) and you are able to work with a wide variety of mental health conditions, including trauma, then you might work well here.  In addition to that, we are known for having a high priority and sensitivity to the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC community, we welcome and celebrate neurodivergence, and we are spiritually open minded.  All of this is represented in the few of us here.

Training in EMDR, or IFS is highly valued, and you must be able to do the deep work!  That is what Wise Path Counselling is known for, and what we are all about.

Apologies, but we don’t currently take students – we are unable to guarantee sufficient hours in the small window of time required, and I believe that working with people for just a couple months and then having to end things is not an ideal way to learn or provide truly helpful counselling.  Plenty of places offer a brief therapy model and that is simply not one that we tend to work with here.

If you are interested, feel free to email Rob – [email protected]


Thanks and as I always say: Be good to yourself!

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