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Spiritual & Existential Counselling in Hamilton Central


Who am I?           What is God?            Why are we here?


These are the really juicy questions of life that hang out in the quiet, vast chambers close to your heart.  Most people don’t put much thought into this, but sometimes finding your own clarity on this can feel necessary, even urgent.  We all need to make sense of our lives and world, and when we don’t have a personal philosophy that supports us, it can mean that the foundation of your whole being is rocky, and peace and joy can be very distant places.

It used to be, in other times and places, that you might go to a church, ashram or monastery for answers like this.  But increasingly, people are getting fed up with the same old unsatisfying answers, and sometimes we need much more personal support than just meditating or praying in a big room.

No matter where you are at in your spiritual or existential journey, we can help you find your own answers that will not only heal the conflict you may be experiencing, but also push you forward, expand your view of life, and open you to new possibilities.  And whatever your faith background – be it atheist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, New Age, pagan, Scientologist – you name it –  we can work together to do this in a way that respects your values while letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you.

Using tools of mindfulness, self-inquiry, philosophical reasoning, and theological reflection,  Rob will make use of his decades of study and passion in the spiritual and mystical traditions of the world to help you find what it is you are looking for.  Having taught, published and devoted much of his spare time to his own personal journey, Rob can help guide you to your own wisdom, to a deeper knowing of who you really are, and what this is all about.

And that is the most beautiful and important work any of us can do!


“There is no greater work or joy than to facilitate another person’s self-discovery”



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