Hello and Welcome to all my clients, colleagues, and friends to my new website and blog!  I’m really pleased to now have this possibility of blogging to connect, discuss and hopefully just stimulate thought on topics that I find relevant.  Really, this is for anyone who is interested in personal growth and psychology in general.

So often in therapy sessions I am going over the same topics and educating my clients on broad theories of the way the mind works.   Wouldn’t it be great if even just once in a while I could say something like, “Hey do you know about this idea of the Three types of Business in the universe?” and they could say, “Yeah, I read that on your blog!”. What a time saver!

This blog will not be about marketing, or, like I’ve seen elsewhere, just posting re-blogged clickbait or trending ideas to draw in new clients.  I’m more interested in saying something new, something thought provoking and something that might truly make a different in your life.  Even if I never, ever talk to you or see you as a client, the possibility that people might benefit from my experience and expertise sounds just fantastic to me.

We are all in this together.  Though we all have unique and individual tastes and patterns, the nature of the human mind behind it is similar for us all.  The process, though maybe not the precise detail, of one person’s growth, can benefit us all.  And every time one of us lives a richer life, it adds a shine to the planet that we all share.  That is what I am all about.

I sincerely hope that as this blog grows there might be something of value for you here.  Let me know!  If there is something you might want me to write about, or something I’ve said that you think is utter rubbish, I’m totally open to hearing about it.

As one of my mentors, Jan Frazier, has said about the personal growth process:  Welcome to the Earthquake!

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